Playing the Piano on the Key Board/ Poor Lap Top / Poor Me

Sitting in the train trying to relax and enjoy my 4:30 hour long train ride. Even wearing headsets I can hear it. I look to my right, I look over to the right again, again and again,  I even make some noise …. NO REACTION…. The guy obviously got carried away by his typing performance,…

Train station / Zamen Ude

We stopped and wait for customs to check us. Toilets are closed and we have to wait for around an hour.  Many customs employees. They check  if people are hidden in the storage area of the beds …..   Track size change. All in all the entire passport control and engineering work took 4 hours….

Chinese Boarder – waiting 

It is warm in here. Most people snooze or sleep the day away. A crowd is in the restautant that allows people to smoke. In January I would have been happy about that fact. Now no more  …. Hmmmmm Hardly anybody speaks.        

Compartment Number 5 – smoothing in 

Who would have thought that we – yes you are right noticing the difference I am no longer alone as I decided to become part of the traveling crowd – traveling in a German train.  First it was cold like hell and now it’s hot that one could walk around in flip flops and shorts….

Travel Schedule – stupid me – sunrise

Obvious when the train arrives right?  Correct 15:57…. Took me the entire journey to understand that the electronic displays as well as the travel schedule in the train worked with Moscow time and that Russian is required to leave Moscow…. To get there the time table is in English ……          

Irkutsk – room mates – love is in the air :) 

I am super lucky with my room mates. They are very sweet, careful and experienced train travellers! I learned a lot already.          Michail and Natasha – 26 & 24, married. His 5th word was: “pregnant” supported by the biggest and pridest smile one can imagine.  English is a challenge which doesn’t stop us from…

Train – Irkutsk – Victor and Bonobo 

Second day- same soup but gosh why did they add all that grease in today???? Lucky me I managed to drop part of the soup and seriously burned my legs. This is when I noticed the fat amount being very thankful for being so clumsy. Better on as in my legs 🙂  Eating, writing and…

State of the Nation – he returned 

I wonder if he believes leaving, coming back and changing seat will lead to further beer supply …. Can’t blame him, it is tasty. And guess what: it worked!!! Lol, but of course she is giving him a speech, I encouraged her – of course.  (Listening to Jay Z – The City is Mine (feat,…


Started my journey today with a taxi driver from Sibiria 🙂 and a successful yet slightly stressful passport handover infront of a backery near the trainstation.  Happy owner of  3 new visas.