Sunday excursion / 30C / Potsdam – I like castles 

So close to Berlin and yet so different. I am in love with Potsdam, the parks, castles and lakes. 30 km away from Alexanderplatz!             We were super lucky with the  weather. Yes we were not the only tourists but actually less as expected:) Next time I need to spend 2 days to…

Summer Love Story 

He: “It’s getting dark soon.” She replied:” Don’t worry, this summer is never going to end!!”

Birthday Present / Köpenick / Canoing Berlin 

Did I ever mention that I do love presents and especially Birthday presents. And this weekend was girlfriend Birthday present time. The day we picked for our little adventure was perfect. Sunny warm and friendly…. The green tour it was called if I remember correctly ( including sun set.  The company is a small start…

Afternoon in Britain / I love summer 

Just a few images I took on my afternoon walk yesterday. So close to Germany and yet so different: it always amazes me.