Fly-in, Fly-Out / A blast from the past / same same but different 


It was a regular business day for me. From Berlin to a destination to have some meetings and back home the same day. I don’t mind as long as I don’t get back to late – which of course is the case once in a while.

I had good meetings, interesting meetings with interesting people, followed by an interesting dinner with interesting people and a rushed taxi ride with an interesting taxi driver. With all that interesting around me I felt a bit tired. Went to my catwalk (Lufthansa Lounge) to find a bunch even more interesting people, had something to drink and went to the gate. 

Did check some mail and sat down. Almost at the same time a woman sat right next to me. “Hallo!!!” “Hallo!!!” Well what a surprise there was my friend coming out of the blue. We exchanged this and that and had a nice talk.  

Happy to have had such an interesting way to end that day we entered the aircraft thinking we might be able to swop places and sit together …
  But no, things changed! Still feeling happy and easy going we looked for our seats to check if we can swop with someone. When I looked at mine a very familiar face starred at me:” I knew that I will meet you in a plane. This is crazy!” “Indeed it is, how many years didn’t we see each other?” “7!””Really 7? Hmmmm””Just today I thought about you and that its crazy that we both are in the same city but not meeting each other. So I thought maybe at the airport, and there you are!” “Yes here I am, and here you are!!”

We shared a taxi and talked a lot…..   


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