Birthday Present / Köpenick / Canoing Berlin 

Did I ever mention that I do love presents and especially Birthday presents. And this weekend was girlfriend Birthday present time. The day we picked for our little adventure was perfect. Sunny warm and friendly….

The green tour it was called if I remember correctly ( including sun set.  The company is a small start up. Always great to support young entrepreneurs. 


We were the only pure female team 🙂
safety box …
It was a bit hated as we originally thought, but still a lot of fun and last 10 minutes we figured a good way to stear the canoe straight …. 

Köpenick is One of 2 historic Centers in Berlin. The reason why it didn’t get bombed was that at night all lights were switched off and instead lights were placed on the lake nearby.  


They had even matching hand soap for this rather special wall paper . hmmmmm,
Pit stop

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