Summer Sunday afternoon / Brighton 30+ years later / memory lane 

Decided to go and have a look at Brighton again. After all I am not that far away this weekend and it has been some time since I was there last. Easy train ride, less than 2 hours to get there……

It was actually ok – and expected that I wasn’t the only one with this great idea.    

And yes I didn’t remember to much of Brighton anymore to be honest, but the Pier is still the same.  I remember disliking the gambling part in the middle already back than. Nothing changed from my point of view, still don’t like it. 

What I also remember very vividly was the fact that we were camping in a cheap tent and it was raining the entire night. Yep,  we were almost swimming in all this rain. I so remember the feeling of being cold in my wet sleeping bag. We were fighting the water for hours and finally decided that it had to stop. We packed up (in pouring rain), jumped the wall and left 3 am in the morning waiting for the next bus to get us back into London. ….. There seems to be a time for everything!

 Loud music, lots of people, smiling faces and lots of unhealthy food …. Some things never seem to change. The best part of this little trip was to see the Ocean, feel the wind in my face, remember my first trip and seeing all these happy faces….

 Was happy to get back on the train again 🙂 Not sure if I will ever come back to Brighton …. Hmmmmmm


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