January 2017

As my project with the orphanage matures I decided to create a special site for that (BBuildsUpNepal). This site will remain for all the other little trips I am doing.

Enjoy 🙂

July 2015

I have been back since almost 2 month now. It was the most amazing trip I ever did and I am very thankful for my sister to made me go….. My friends and some of the readers encouraged me to continue writing about my experience, even so my original mission was done. I like the idea, plus I am planning to go back to Kathmandu to continue what I started.

January 2013

“I want you to take me to Kathmandu …… to the Pashupati Nath river.”
” Of course I will, don’t worry please!” Off all places she is took me to Kathmandu – April 2015 – This trip is for my sister. 

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