Lazy afternoon …. Amazing how smooth the day passed by.  By the way: Russian TV is always on, often supported by a smell of meat based food or hard boiled eggs – hey this is no cliche, this is for real :))                   

State of the Nation – he returned 

I wonder if he believes leaving, coming back and changing seat will lead to further beer supply …. Can’t blame him, it is tasty. And guess what: it worked!!! Lol, but of course she is giving him a speech, I encouraged her – of course.  (Listening to Jay Z – The City is Mine (feat,…

Train ride to Irkutsk – chat up

Sitting in the restaurant, trying to blend in. Started with a beer and a fish soup – both are good.  Ludmilla entered the restaurant running towards me and stared to talk. No idea what she was saying!? She tried for a bit, gave in after a while, allowed me to finish my soup and left….

Device Chaos – room for improvement

Super proud about my packing: one bag pack, no cosmetics, only 1 perfum and very limited cloth and things I need for the trip. I guess I overdid it a bit with my equipement: 2 IPhones, 1 IPad, 1 new Sony camera and my Nikon and I almost forgot: my good old IPod. All works…

City Tour – love is in the air!

I enjoyed my time in Moscow. It was my 5th time here if I remember correctly. First time when I was working in Hungary, so over 15 years ago.  I even managed to go and see an opera last night which was a great experience. People dress up, most of them had  Champagne in the…

Being a tourist

The plan: walking on the river to the Red Square, a short stop at the Ritz (memory lane), up Tverskaya, to Bolshoy Theater (no tickets online, maybe I get lucky) up the Kamergersky to Ul. Boldshaya Dmitrovka ending at Hermitage Garden. Did I ever say that I love being a tourist?   


I made it. The first 24 hours soft-train-journey-launch successfully done. Slept well. Sergey and his girlfriend picked me up and dropped me at the hotel. The weather is really nice!     


She is 49 and wanted to sell me more food. I could possibly buy any more as I already gave some away. We are standing still and some train works are going on. Not sure what they are doing but it looks like they are servicing the train ?? I learned that the ladies get…