City Tour – love is in the air!

I enjoyed my time in Moscow. It was my 5th time here if I remember correctly. First time when I was working in Hungary, so over 15 years ago.  I even managed to go and see an opera last night which was a great experience. People dress up, most of them had  Champagne in the break and the way the audience claps differce frim how we do in Germany. People are not shy to leave whenever they feel like it, even 5 minutes before the end. Anyway I enjoyed it. The older couple right next to me asked me very politely in broken English if I enjoyed it. We had a short and very friendly conversation. That’s another thing I noticed: people actively tried to engage me in a dialogue and were very helpful, especially when I took the metro back yesterday and got a bit lost.

In general I have to say that I found Moscow much cleaner and less polluted. I can’t remember when I saw so many high heels, stylish women, botoxed-lips and kissing couples in love!! Super cute!

I learned: 70% of the population in Russia claims to be religious these days and apparently it is trendy. The city grew double in size 2 years ago because a part has been added – if I understood correctly, more and more Moscoians rent their places out over the wintertime to go to India and other warm places, tourism went down due to “current latest country events”, during orthodox times it was forbidden to get a divorce this is the reason why nonneries are so wealthy: take my wife and I give you some money.



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