Short Recap train ride – Irkutsk

Train ride from Moscow to Irkutsk was smooth, fun, visually inspiring and enjoyable. People are super friendly, moderate and not selfish in their behavior what so ever, even the small kids travelling are well behaved. I guess different upbringing here – not to be misunderstood as criticism on how kids are raised in our part…

City Tour – love is in the air!

I enjoyed my time in Moscow. It was my 5th time here if I remember correctly. First time when I was working in Hungary, so over 15 years ago.  I even managed to go and see an opera last night which was a great experience. People dress up, most of them had  Champagne in the…


I made it. The first 24 hours soft-train-journey-launch successfully done. Slept well. Sergey and his girlfriend picked me up and dropped me at the hotel. The weather is really nice!     


Started my journey today with a taxi driver from Sibiria 🙂 and a successful yet slightly stressful passport handover infront of a backery near the trainstation.  Happy owner of  3 new visas.