Train ride to Irkutsk – chat up

Sitting in the restaurant, trying to blend in. Started with a beer and a fish soup – both are good. 

Ludmilla entered the restaurant running towards me and stared to talk. No idea what she was saying!? She tried for a bit, gave in after a while, allowed me to finish my soup and left.  Hmmmmmmm

10 minutes later, all of the sudden, a man came walking towards my place, stopped at my desk and started talking to me. It was difficult to understand him, as his belly and voice were trying to communicate with me at the same time in a language I don’t speak, even so I could translate it.  Hmmmmmmmm

If I understood correctly the friendly waitress just told him that this was his last beer. Not sure :))) He is totally hammered and just threw his phone on the ground ….

Everybody speaks in Russian to me, I guess my blending in works! 



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