The  Moscow – Irkutsk – getting started –  being well prepared & told off in Russian

Started my 3 days train journey well prepared and eager to embark. As far as I can tell there is no other foreigner around which translates in a few strange and curious looks. Especially when I walk around taking pictures. 

Proviant: 5 bottles 1 1/2 liter, 6 apples (super tasty), 5 pears, cheese in moderation, bread (they really know how to bake tasty bread over here!!!), nuts, kefir ( the a ayurvedic Dr. from India would be proud of me drinking it warm….), tomatos, cucumber, 4 avocados (ok I agree got carrieried away when I saw them)  and crackers. A salt grinder and a knife. 

 I bought a more effective deodorant, a facial cream and a cleanser to stop the unexpected effect: going back to puberty … All under control now!

Being told off: First interaction with the friendly conductor ladies was getting told off in Russian. I took me less than 15 min. For simplicity purpose I will call them Olga and Ludmilla. Olga has dark hair, 70style make up, solid body, is determined in her actions and resourceful with her smile. She is also in charge of the coffee and tea supply, therefore an important person to be in good terms with. Ludmilla is blond, carries her heart in her face, has the most innocent and touching smile, is super helpful and wants to ensure I have enough to eat, which seems to be an important part in her life. Olga told me off 😦  I took the “wrong” bed. Well actually I did it on purpose to ensure to have a safety zone to snooz away while traveling. 

All good again, bought some tea and keep on smilingly saying spaciba which seems to work. 


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