She is 49 and wanted to sell me more food. I could possibly buy any more as I already gave some away. We are standing still and some train works are going on. Not sure what they are doing but it looks like they are servicing the train ??

I learned that the ladies get on the train when the passengers get off before they start doing what they are doing now. They stay until the train starts moving again and jump off with their goods and the money they made. She asked if she could sit down and of course I said yes. I gave her some juice, the hygiene pack the train provided as she was looking at it. She became more comfortable and lifted her head cover to show me that she has no hair and pointed on mine to tell me that she had hair like mine. I also learned that the other ladies make fun of her. We spoke a lot in our own language and understood exactly what the other one was saying. I told her that she looks good and in return I got a big smile. She said: modern, modern and I started to imitate Rapper movements and she tunend in 🙂  She looked happy and rewarded me with very funny faces and movements; I also learend that her food is better as she uses milk and not water for her pastry….. I had to try one of hers and indeed it was very tasty and reminded me of my grandmothers version.

She left and I said to her: Maliki rabot (not sure about the spelling) which result in another big smile for me.  This is what my grandma tought me. Something they said to the Russians 

       back in Hungary when they were there. 

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