Border Belarus 

So far so good. Changed train in Warsaw. I booked a sleeper bed in a female compartment which does not exist in the future trains I will take. The lady who is staying with me is from Belarus and will leave me soon. I don’t speak Russian and she doesn’t speak English but somehow she managed to help me fill in a document required for Russia and she also made sure I understand that I need to keep the stamped version for leaving Russia. I learned that her brother lives in Berlin, she did some shopping (she had to show all her receipts to the customs officer who put a stamp on each and everyone which was very impressive, forgot all about “stamp-countries”) . 

I slept in the afternoon like most people did. Some people seem to be routines traveler with slippers and very relaxed traveling outfit (man in underwear walking around here). lol 

Food supply




  is no restaurant in the train until 22:45 and as I was just thinking about a nice cold beer a lady entered my compartment. As many more to follow. And now verything went very fast. She was a mind reader and started with beer. Followed by blocking the window so that the police can’t see her.  Followed by chicken . Beer ?  Gurken ? She was flexible with the currency. Her product presentation was outstanding and without any further delay I was proud owner of food to feed an entire family. The next woman who entered got someof the very tasty potatoes and the meat I was buying as  a result of a  translation challenge..  3 more sales ladies followed and Schnapps which seems to be in high demand here.
Lovely I have beer and Gurken and something else which tastes good.  


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