Leaving to arrive – after over 10 years: Beijing I am coming /7th of May

I was sad to leave Mongolia. What an impressive country with wonderful friendly and lovely people. I for sure will come back o explore further. At least I got a sneak preview 🙂

It was a short trip to Beijing which in itself was already a bit sad, cause I got used to the forced slowness of the train rides. But in all honesty it was the least pleasurable one. It is really tough when they start locking the toilets for hours: at the boarder or before we entered Beijing. Believe me, I wasn’t the only one suffering from this practice. Thanks for my companion travellers who were informed and shared their knowledge with me, I was at least mentally prepared …… Hmmmm 

always accurate when the train stopped, even with refreshed lipstick …..
still in Mongolia ….
Plus somehow the ride wasn’t smooth in it self. Never thought that there could be so much difference in how a train feels. I shared my observation with my fellow travellers and they agreed.


a valuable good: a working plug …. 🙂
why not?
part of the restaurant kitchen ….. one could only pay in Remimbi and everybody seems to be smoking in tne Restaurant 😦
almost like meditating …. for hours beautiful landscape
I made it: 7 days in a train and i loved it!!!

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