Himmelsgeburtstag / Our Journey

Dear all, I am super delighted that my journey got published on a newly launched magazine called #materialist. You find the link below. Himmelsgeburtstag    

My new room mate – Compartment Number V. / Evil Twin

 She: “Do you speak English? A book, a table, a pencil”…. Lol… We both started laughing. Tonya, Russian, 52 years old, very friendly, likes laughing and eating sausage with a lot of garlic. Her final destination is Ulan Ude. She joined compartment Number V.  this morning. I felt asleep again which wasn’t easy because by…

Mongolia – on my way

……. It’s cold, the wind is blowing through the window….. Water for tea is boiled with fire /charcoal….. no restaurant on board but lovely red curtains … Hmmmmm Maybe it’s not that bad after all, that this trip is “only” 32 hours ….. More tomorrow 🙂 Gute Nacht.

Short Recap train ride – Irkutsk

Train ride from Moscow to Irkutsk was smooth, fun, visually inspiring and enjoyable. People are super friendly, moderate and not selfish in their behavior what so ever, even the small kids travelling are well behaved. I guess different upbringing here – not to be misunderstood as criticism on how kids are raised in our part…


I made it. The first 24 hours soft-train-journey-launch successfully done. Slept well. Sergey and his girlfriend picked me up and dropped me at the hotel. The weather is really nice!