My new room mate – Compartment Number V. / Evil Twin

 She: “Do you speak English? A book, a table, a pencil”…. Lol… We both started laughing.

Tonya, Russian, 52 years old, very friendly, likes laughing and eating sausage with a lot of garlic. Her final destination is Ulan Ude. She joined compartment Number V.  this morning. I felt asleep again which wasn’t easy because by that time the train room temperature  was boiling (moderation and balance not a topic here I guess), and woke up when she started to open her magic sausage bag …… As a matter of fact this “cliche-scent” is still part of our new gang!!! Being a “sharing is caring” kind of woman needless to say that she left the bag open, for me to eat as well in case I want to. I tried everything: eating a piece of my tasty dark bread with Avocado and a hinch of salt, but I guess that didn’t do the job … She even demonstrated in direct comparison that I have no reason to worry, her belly and so…. I got that one and decided to respond with a caring-is-sharing-kind-a-look and changed the topic. 

I can hear travellers talking in the corridor. An Australian explains why he will move back with his wife and kids to life in Australia. Convincing reasons: kids don’t care about lifestyle, they like the beach and go outside not easy to do in a county that is “dark”  for at lease 3 month a year for as much as he likes England. I always admired Australian bagpackers for their adittude towards life, cultures and traveling. Which makes me think about my time in Sydney being a bagpacker many moons ago …. Great stories pup up like for example when I was working as a waitress in the red light district with the name of Lisa, selling mass produced “art” in the suburbs ( wasn’t really good at this job, but got a lot of dinner invites from the male population). ….. Hmmmmm

Evil Twin – Modeselektor



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