Compartment Number 5 – smoothing in 

Who would have thought that we – yes you are right noticing the difference I am no longer alone as I decided to become part of the traveling crowd – traveling in a German train. 

First it was cold like hell and now it’s hot that one could walk around in flip flops and shorts. Outside we have a little bit of snow once in a while. There is am Australian couple with their 2 young daughters on board, as well as one Russian woman, 3 guys from Guatemala and 5 other Germans. Thanks to one I am now able to charge my phone: he found the only 2 working plugs and a special way to ensure that the donnection is stable. He also showed me how to get water out of the tab cause this was causing me trouble. 

” Here, have a look, this is what you need to do. Took me 5 no-washed-days to figure it out.”   

           I happily passed my newly gained wisdom on to Maria who was facing similar challenges. The train seems to have found its rhythm and so did we.  Calm, friendly, chatting atmosphere, interfered by astonished picture taking travellers.

In about 45 min. we will stop and have to get off the train. Stop over – over 4 hours. 

We had a blast and I am very happy that I became part of my new gained friends… !!!!! 

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