National Park/ Nomads – baby cows & BB

We drove about 50 km outside Ulaan Bataar to a national park. First stop on our way was a shaman shrine. This was the third time for me to wish for good luck in one day.  We did it together: I placed a wish(es) and we walked around clockwise 3 times. We both picked up…

Mongolia – a few facts  / like being in school again 

The country counts 3 million inhabitants, 1 million are in the capital, 90% are Buddhists, they love eating meat, vegetarians are increasing in number which is a very big thing considering that eating vegetable isn’t really in people’s mind set.  I had my fist milk tea with salt – the second tasted already better. Amazing…

Mongolian Border – local party mile / German style 

We decided to explore the neighborhood as we had to bridge 4 hours. The Original plan was to go to a restaurant which according to the sign was 500 meter away….. After walking for some time we arrived at the second sign: Cafe 500 meter … We kept on walking until other travelers walked towards us:…

Compartment Number 5 – smoothing in 

Who would have thought that we – yes you are right noticing the difference I am no longer alone as I decided to become part of the traveling crowd – traveling in a German train.  First it was cold like hell and now it’s hot that one could walk around in flip flops and shorts….

Mongolia – on my way

……. It’s cold, the wind is blowing through the window….. Water for tea is boiled with fire /charcoal….. no restaurant on board but lovely red curtains … Hmmmmm Maybe it’s not that bad after all, that this trip is “only” 32 hours ….. More tomorrow 🙂 Gute Nacht.