National Park/ Nomads – baby cows & BB

We drove about 50 km outside Ulaan Bataar to a national park. First stop on our way was a shaman shrine. This was the third time for me to wish for good luck in one day. 

We did it together:

I placed a wish(es) and we walked around clockwise 3 times. We both picked up 3 stones and threw them on the pile while continuing our walk. Alternatively – I have been told – you can put them down gently as well.


3 times clock wise ….
What else can I ask for: a Lama was reading my future, I spoke to the wishing tree, ask for shaman protection and had monks praying today for me. Herrlich!!! This is it and I am all set.


Milk tea with salt, pastery and small talk … šŸ™‚ 4 kids, he is 52 and his oldest daughter 28.
Wood is rare and cow manure works really well … it was very cosy in there …
Boss of the house, 32 years old šŸ™‚
 On our way to the nomads family (their winter quarter, June is the month to move down till October). 

We saw cows, camels, horses and some scary big birds. I agree that I am more in tune with city life but am I really that disconnected that I had no idea how big an eagle can be??? 

By the way the furniture is put in first before the sides get closed. 2-8 people life in a tend. Not sure if it’s still handled that way but in the old days the woman got up first to make the fire and heat the place before the kids and the husband got up. We got offered tea and a local pastry. The family was sad, that they could not offer me any diary products out of their production. It’s a revenue stream for them as well. In a few month they will be able to sell them again.  A big part of our conversation was talking about eating meat. I learned that grandma doesn’t eat a lot meat anymore which seems to be sort of normal for old people :), but the youngest son likes eating meat a lot…. Thought you should know that as well.  

First time ever I touched a baby cow ….. super cute!!!

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  1. as from now you don’t like kalbskotletts any more

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    1. BB says:

      I stopped eating meat over 10 month ago….. šŸ™‚


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