Mongolian Border – local party mile / German style 

We decided to explore the neighborhood as we had to bridge 4 hours. The Original plan was to go to a restaurant which according to the sign was 500 meter away….. After walking for some time we arrived at the second sign: Cafe 500 meter … We kept on walking until other travelers walked towards us: “Forget it, over there a third sign awaiting you, and guess what it says”  ” Cafe, 500?” ” Yep”….. We changed plan and used our fall back option. Wonderful how well Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt/Berlin harmonized and ignited! 

key question : which one and how many?
Average price was about 300 Rubel!

2 bootles of beer, 2 local croissants, 1 vodga = € 7,93
Warm up …..
She knew how to do it, I was the beginner!
Party Meile
Munich rocks and so does she !!

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