Kathmandu was calling!!!! – thankful and happy 

I am super happy and excited!! The family in Kathmandu called me a few days ago – an hour before Moscow while I was on the train – to tell me that they are healthy and happily awaiting me. We are in regular email communication since that day. My sister must have made a strong impression while she was there….. Actually not a surprise for the ones who knew her.  

Now I do have 2 strong reasons to go there. I just hope, I can enter the country. My dear friend and ex colleague from UNICEF is currently also checking what ever I need to check for this trip.

I am ready!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Petra says:

    Ich drück die Daumen, dass alles klappt!


    1. BB says:

      Klappt: Flug flight, Hotel durch Arjun gebucht und ein NGOs kontaktiert.:)


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