2 am / help they are still talking 

I don’t understand : why lay down in an area where  people want to sleep and all they do is talking???? What the heck do they have to talk about non stop?

9 Hours Stop Over / this is the best place ?

Took me some time to find this corner. This airport really doesn’t want people to enjoy their time between flights….     I am tempted to get my sleeping cover out as well to represent Germany properly!!  I might rearrange a bit:)  Oh no: the guy from the bench behind me snores. OMG ….      …

Summer Palace / we are ready

On our way to the Summer residence of the Emperor. We espcially picked the only rainy and cold day to avoid all other 50.0000 visitors.        

Kathmandu was calling!!!! – thankful and happy 

I am super happy and excited!! The family in Kathmandu called me a few days ago – an hour before Moscow while I was on the train – to tell me that they are healthy and happily awaiting me. We are in regular email communication since that day. My sister must have made a strong…