Irkutsk – room mates – love is in the air :) 

I am super lucky with my room mates. They are very sweet, careful and experienced train travellers! I learned a lot already.   

      Michail and Natasha – 26 & 24, married. His 5th word was: “pregnant” supported by the biggest and pridest smile one can imagine.  English is a challenge which doesn’t stop us from talking:  his brother is living in Moscow, they are on their way home which is 5 train days away, her parents are from Kasastan and he is a passionate hunter –  had to see some pictures as they were right in my face, I had no chance and he was super proud. I skip the details.

I noticed that there was something special around them: a lot of love, tenderness and care. He even looked in love when he watched her plugging her eye brows,  which only took place today after we alraedy travelled together for 2 days. One gets more familiar and it’s a good sign that they feel comfortable around me. And no, I didn’t do the same in case anyone wonders. 

Yesterday when they entered the compartment they began getting all organized: changed outfit (he had to leave while she was undressing), I learned about all the storage facility the place has to offer (amazing discovery), light, TV, food supply and the most important thing: the newspaper. I wanted to throw the complimentary news paper away after after I check if they wanted to keep it. Wow what a mistake!!!! Now I understand what I was about to do,  as it is serving as a plate for the various dished we eat, especially me as a biginner.

The great thing is, that she loves sleeping as much as I do, maybe he as well, can’t really tell, but she for sure. Which makes us a perfect chilled and replaxed “Wohngemeinschaft”. They offered me to use their knife (mine is not really working which they spotted even before u tried using it), I bought a beer to celebrate her pregnancy, they inform me whenever we should get of the train cause there is a short break (that’s what “we” all do here) and I get noticed when the scenery is nice to be able to take pictures…..  Whenever they have their breakfast, lunch or dinner time I go up to my bed to read, chill, listen to music, or just to enjoy them being soooooo sweet together 🙂 



 We go to bed around 10 pm and sleep in long. TV is running in the back ground, music, shows or today Shreck: original sound with local voice over. 


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