Train – routine and more 


The train is well taken care off by several people. The ladies take their uniform with pride and every time the train stops to take on new guests, their lipstick gets refreshed. 

Travellers get off the train when there is a stop, to either catch some fresh air, – – well I guess most of them actually get out to smoke! – or to buy something. During the train ride smokers smoke in the cabine connection part. They are partly open which allows the smoke to get out. Still one can smell it inside. 

The train gets cleaned constantly including vacuumed. Toilets are descents with satinizer, sheets are clean and air condition works at times. Each traveller got a complimentary towel, fresh sheets and a truth brush. One can order food which will served in boxes in the “boxes” or in the restaurant which is more expensive. Michail told me yesterday that the price for a beer is 3 times higher in the train. 

People spend a lot of time in their compartments, sometimes they hang out in the corridors to look out of the window, to go for a little walk or to just simply look out of the window. They all seem to know when the train stops and for how long. The restaurant is not really busy, I guess the prices keep people out = 3 times the normal price!!!!


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    nighty night, hubi

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    1. BB says:

      Here we go darling 🙂


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