Train – Irkutsk – Victor and Bonobo 

Second day- same soup but gosh why did they add all that grease in today???? Lucky me I managed to drop part of the soup and seriously burned my legs. This is when I noticed the fat amount being very thankful for being so clumsy. Better on as in my legs 🙂 

Eating, writing and listening to music the gentleman to the left started talking to me. We exchanged a few words, friendly but a bit challenged due to my missing Russian language skills. I learned that the scenery we were driving through isn’t really nice, that his name was Victor, Russia is big with many different sceneries and he is from somewhere far far away …. What I could see is that he also liked drinking tea and Vodga. Before he left the restaurant, after I didn’t agree for him to join my table, he came right to me with the waitress standing in front of my table.  He asked to hold my hand, I looked at her, she nodded, I gave him my hand, he looked at me, kissed my hand and said:” You are very beautiful.”  If I remember correctly I got my last hand kiss in Hungary! Which is practically a long time ago 🙂

She smiled, he smiled, I smiled. 

2 hours later: he returned, new outfit, new scent, I can see his tattoo on his upper arm and he is now drinking beer :). Time for me to go back….. 

(Bonobo – Black Sands)

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