Playing the Piano on the Key Board/ Poor Lap Top / Poor Me

Sitting in the train trying to relax and enjoy my 4:30 hour long train ride. Even wearing headsets I can hear it.

I look to my right, I look over to the right again, again and again,  I even make some noise …. NO REACTION…. The guy obviously got carried away by his typing performance, he was on a run … I could see it in his face. Sitting totally straight, staring at the screen, totally absorbed by his action with a slightly silly grin on his face.

“Excuse me Sir, would it be possible for you to be less noisy?” “???” “Yes, as in hitting your keyboard less hard for example!” “?” “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” Well obviously it wasn’t the language that got in the way in our little exchange as he was German.


“I am used to it, always do it like that. I could try but I am not sure.” Scary smile on his face. Don’t get this attitude.. Was very much temped to ask if he is sharing his office space with other people and felt sorry for all of them!

Thanks universum, he just left. Before that -lucky me – I was unwillingly invited to participate in a phone call with his wife! ??!!!😂

Modern communication devices don’t bring out the best in people.

OH No! He is back😖

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