I am in Love with Miami / Confession of a  “Repeat Offender”

My love for this part of the world started over 25 years ago when I went to Miami for the first time. And yes, I went to South Beach.  I went on my own and rented a bed in a dormitory. A friend of mine who moved to work in Charlotte, came to see me for a weekend so that we could spend some time together. We rented a car and drove down to: Key West. I remember this as being magical: The drive to the Keys, the Hemingway House, my first Wet-TShirt contest (no I don’t participate, had no idea that it even existed outside Frank Zappas “Wet T – Shirt Nite” song….these were the days we listened to Zappa and the Doors. Now that I am thinking about I need to correct that: we listed to Zappa and Doors years (!) before my fist trip 😜😎… memory lane 

Morning routine…. never boring – and so stimulating.




Soho Beach House. – daily routine as well 👍🏽 best is the service including complementary cold water, fruits and coconut drink in the cooler.



2015: my Reggae re-discovery!

  A dear friend rented a place in South Beach and asked me if I want to come to see her. Of course I said yes.  In addition to enjoying time with her (we did embark on little adventures) the place was not even 5 min. walk to the beach 🙂

It’s the  combination of the different cultures, the music, climate, ocean, and the mix of America, Latin America & the Caribbean that is intriguing me. Things changed of course over the years – still one of my favorite places in the world.  It took me a few days but I managed to find a traditional basic Cuban restaurant which served great beans and ice cold beer. 🙂 Not much more needed from my Point of View.

Early monring walk on the beach before I have to say good-bye again.,



House at Key West.


People said one should go to see Cuba very soon before it turns into McDonald’s land…

Decided to drive to the Keys again.  Had no idea how I ended up with such a big car. Could have slept in it as a matter of fact. Driving was fun! I even stopped at a pancake house. And yes: I went for the full experience. ” Wenn schon, denn schon!”  Key West isn’ a place I need to see again. To loud, to full and beaches aren’t great. I even went to the Hemingway House again..  Way to many people these days, way to many.

Short stopover on my way to Key West,

Lobby art. Thanks to the photographer who made me smile at least once a day 🙂


Miami I will come again!

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