Pashupatinath – 6 Month later … same same but different…

Literally translated it means Master of Life... Or Master of all Living….  This temple is located along the holy river Bagmati.

On the left side the place is for lower cast and called Surya Ghast. The right hand side – Arya Ghats – is for the higher cast. I have been told, that people travel from India to get their loved-ones last ritual here. I wanted to go back before I had to leave Nepal again.

View from the top.


Higher cast side: the dead body often gets wrapped in a yellow blanked. Once its their “turn” the body slides down to be able to besprinkle the deceased with holy water from the river.


Sandlewood is used when the family is rich, standard is regular wood. When the father dies the oldest son has to set the fire. The youngest for the mother.😥

The son (alternatively the oldest daughter or the priest) has to walk 5 times around the funeral pure – according to Hinduism a holy number that stands for earth, water, fire, wind and ether.

The left side…. 6 places …. after around 4 hours the ash gets put into the river…..



We went there for a bit. I sat down like the rest of the people and watched the scene. On our way to the taxi I got lucky without even knowing it: A new body was carried over and I was lucky to see him. I have been told that this is a blessing. Ha!

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