I did it again!! / Miami, Him and Valentines Day

A year ago we decided to go back again – same time, same location, similar setting. In order to keep life as simple as possible I tend to stick to my promises and agreements. Always been this way, – or let say for a long period in my life – makes a lot much easier. Anyway we knew that we will be having a great time, a lot of sun, the ocean and at one point  friends joining us.

At this point I could already feel and smell the sun. Not sure if you know that feeling but its almost as if you are there but you are not but you know it will just be a matter of minutes and you can feel the sun in your face……. one can also simply call it excitement.

Miami Beach 🙂

I landed around 1, checked in and walked straight to my favourite Cuban restaurant. I was super happy to learn that it still exists, sat at the bar to get: black been soup, green salat and an ice cold beer.

Puerto Sagua in 700 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA.This is an absolut must!!!

http://www.10best.com/destinations/florida/miami/restaurants/cuban/ writes: “No-frills Puerto Sagua is a long-standing institution in South Beach, where restaurants come and go with frequency. This one has continued to please the fickle masses with traditional Cuban comfort food and decor that is fuss-free, with the exception of its awesome murals of Cuba street life. Native Cubans and South Beach residents who miss the days when the Beach was home to dozens of counters and cafeterias savor authentic shrimp in garlic sauce, fried plantains and grilled Cuban sandwiches stuffed with ham, pork and cheese. Late hours also make Puerto Sagua a perfect stop-off after a show or a night of club-hopping, when a media noche or Cuban sandwich is the perfect antidote to too many cocktails. (305-673-1115).


As far as I can tell this was like coming home and a great Valentines Day.