Pay & Run / rainy Sunday afternoon 

Sunday and it rains like hell. Exactly that’s what I thought as well. I ordered an Uber which costs me 16 USD at the end to drop me at this lovely launderette.  It’s not that I didn’t pack enough cloth, my sport gear needed washing, plus  I was bored and wanted to see what it’s like there on a Sunday afternoon.

It has been some time since I last visited such a facility, but let me tell you, that at one point in my live I used to be a “regular” in launderette in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. As a matter of fact, at the age of 21 I was exposed to the fact that people in Australia leased equipment of such nature, which for me as a German woman was mind blowing. Washing is sacred and not owning your own machine was a revolutionary concept for me. I am glad that I learned that there are different ways and that possessing isn´t always the best.

One machine runs 30 min and cost 2,75 USD which seems reasonable. The lady was helpful in explaining and over all the atmosphere was relaxed.

Speed Queen did the job in 20 min which was kind of impressive as in addition to the sport gear a towel and a blue jeans made its way. I had an ugly salad from a shop around the corner and enjoyed watching the people coming and going.