Earl Grey Raisins / New Flavours & New Connections 

Why not join a cooking class on my vacation? The @sohobeachhouse offered one which I happily sigend up for. We had fun! We, a group of 8 women, learned how the side dishes were done, tasted them in the spot and met afterwards to eat and talk. And yes have a glas wine as well. What can be nicer than sitting outside when it’s warm and enjoying the moment.

The idea was to lean about Sides from around the world – Soho House Recipes by @Jose Plunchinotta.

Butter Beans – the Tomate sauce was to die for 👍🏼
5 dishes were on the menue:

  • Butterbeans and Sugar Snap Peas/Sweet Spiced Tomato Sauce 
  • Baby Carrots / Carrot Pure 
  • Roasted Brüssels Sprouts/Sherry Maple Dressing 
  • Roasted Cauliflowers/ Chimiciurri 
  • Cucumber Salat

And believe me: all were super tasty and work as a stand alone dish accepted for the cucumber salat. 


The Carrot Pure was almost like a dip – tasty

We were all in a good mood and enjoyed the lunch afterwards. I learned from woman that was in advertising – like me – had enough and decided to open a bakery. She is now taking courses to learn and was very excited about her new life. So we tosted to new beginnings and being brave. I also connected to a German woman that works in the US: “Birgit let’s exchange contact details, my aunt lives in Berlin and we can meet next time I am over. ” “Sure where does she live?” Long story short she, lives maybe 5 minutes away from me. !!! Can you believe that? Berlin is a big city and not everybody life’s in my neighborhood in the East or to be precise in Lichtenberg.

The world has a lot to offer and is so small 😜🙏🏼. But we all know that anyway. 

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