A new home / Fountainhead Residency / Miami / death as a metaphorse

Kathrine and Dan Mikesell are more than “just” art collectors. They support artists to grow and provide a base for them to do so. Right across from their house they rent a place for young artists all around the world to come and live together to create.

After we had a look at their fantastic art selection we all went over to the Fountainhead Residency accompanied by Residency artists Galia Linn, Gladys Kalichini and Neha Vedpathak. And thanks for sharing your work with us.

Before anything else: thanks Kathrine and Dan to open your door and to connect people to something beautiful and meaningful. 🙏🏼

Thanks #fountainhead residency

Its  Programm where they bring artists in from all over the world to live and work together in Miami. 30 to 40 artists per year, so far 320 artists from 38 countries! Its predominantly visual art.

The artists don´t come all at the same time.

Thanks #fountainhead residency

Thanks #fountainhead residency

Hear the artist explain her art: 

The artist explains her art to us. I really liked her pieces.

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