Thanks to the Soho Beach House Miami I was able to join a private collection tour and it was most amazing. I took an Uber and he dropped me off at the wrong house. Abandoned I walked around asking a friendly old man if he happens to know the Mikesells. “Of course I know them, they used to live here, but moved around 13 years to the house at the corner!”     Good to know,  I was right. Now I got to walk around a bit which was great as it so much reminded me of San Lorenzo in Makati City, a place  I once lived. It always amazed me how present the American lifestyle and architecture was over there. 50 years presence left a remarkable foot print. The houses, the streets and even the gardens look similar and the humidity is similar. I was wondering if this is the reason why Miami is so familiar as it reminds me of my time in Manila and Singapore.

After a few minutes I arrived and the hosts welcomed me with open arms. Its not to bad living in Berlin, a lot of people admire me for that and the standing the city has on an international level is great. I don´t mind being an ambassador for “my” city. The place I call my home.

Kathryn and Dan started to collect art some 20 years ago. We learned that art was the vehicle the couple used to connect at the weekends when they had their time together. During the week they worked and traveled intensively, “in software” is what they were.​ So they used the art to connect and communicate: went to galleries, met artists, share the stories and shared the work. It inspired and connected them while they were apart from.

Their passion grew over the year. They have approx. 700-800 art pieces, 300 actually hang. There was literally art everywhere in the house in every corner.

For them, so we have been told by Katherine its as much about the artist as it is about the art piece they collected, the story as well. They knew the artists before or chased them 🙂 they realised that they want to do more: take care of artists, help the  community and create a unique experience for their kids.  This is when they create the Fountainhead Residency for artists from abroad.

Fountainhead Studios is created for Miami based artists. Its a space for Miami artists to work and working spaces to also provide a forum to create a network.

Bathroom Art.

They try to make art accessible and understandable. The couple has 3 principles:

  • they don´t sell art, they buy it and keep it
  • they try to get 2 pieces of each artist
  • always hung – either in their house or friends house – currently 25 houses in Miami host their art.

The Pool.

Miami based artist who went to LA. She said that she lost her driver license. She went down to constantly ask for new ones and managed to get 20 within under a year – wow. 


🙂 great way to spend an evening. Thanks Soho House

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