Getting Ready / Chanel goes Kittilä

Tomorrow is the day!!! Everything is packed. Everything. Well yes I was still buying things today…. When I was in Mitte  I met a dear friend this afternoon. Its always great to see her. And it’s always great that she cares so openly about my wellbeing 😘

“How are you? You haven´t been writing for some time.” “Yes, I know.” “So you got everything?” ” Yes and more 🙂 Look I got a new camera.” “I see, great. Come on let me help you… Here you go. Just one thing: what are you going to do with your nails????” ” Thats a good question, I am also not sure about the colour what do you recommend..” lol …..

Anyway I almost managed to stick with the 8kg for the bag pack we are allowed to take: Warm storm head, face/nose cover, sun glasses, 3 pair of gloves, various socks, sky underwear, leggings, jackets, 15 müsli bars (? they alone are already heavy), scarf, rich cream for the face, wet towns, 2 thermos jugs: one small one for soup (was the idea travel shop) and 1 later for me to drink during the day, contact lenses, headlamp, and yes: I got myself a new little toy. Currently charging her, will have to read instruction in the plane tomorrow.

I somehow seemed to have blocked the fact that boarding is tomorrow at 6AM? :((( Nails are done and time to call it a day.




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