Munich / Kittilä – Insights 


The alarm was set for 4:30 and the taxi booked for 4:55, boarding at 6am. Mission accomplished.

I also managed to read the instruction of the new camera and learned that the chip card I brought isn’t working. There is always a time for something. As we do have 2 hour layover the matter wasn’t stressing me. I also realised, that I forgot my headphones: again….

We met 3 other team members at airport- 2 are already advanced in their experience. Now that I know: we have approx. 20 min lunch break after the dogs got their food, the way we have to separate them when they fight (never use our hand), what to do when one of them starts to sit down to do it’s businesssssss I am super excited! 

We are boarding now. 😜

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