Imagination and Reality / a clash with reality – adventure time

It all started last year when I decided to work on my work life balance and do things people do: have friends and spend time with them. Long story short I made a new friend in the plane from Brussels to Berlin. We talked had some wine and I invited her to my birthday. That  was a little bit over a year ago. She came and we became friends. And we started to do what people do when the are friends or at least my friends: going for walks, museum, classical concerts, shopping, talking about men and eating.

So it happen to be asparagus time which is big in Germany. She: “Great its asparagus time, I will come over and we cook together. I will bring Belitzer Spargel.! “?” “YES!. Great right”  I had no idea what should be so special, but I learned that it’s the best and that there are huge fields close to Berlin. And because I like to do things proper I figured that I am old enough to get myself an asparagus pot. Was thinking about that for at least 7 years and I got bored of thinking about it much longer.

We had a lovely evening , talking, laughing and some crisp white wine. All of the sudden She: “I need to tell you something.” “Ok, tell me.” “Oh, I am so super excited because I will so do something fabulous. A dream will come true. I booked a Husyky Tour in Finnland and I will see polar lights.” That sounded wunderful, so magical that my brain started to produce nice pictures. Yes that can be tricky at times when the brain wonders around. What I saw was this:

And me sitting infront of a fireplace drinking red 🍷. And now it all went very fast, super fast as a matter of fact: “Please can you ask them if I can join. It sounds fantastic and I so want to join.” I was determined and begged her – almost kind of.

4 days later: “Hey you are lucky, one person dropped out. You are in. We are a group of six. You need to fill out the attached documents (age, weight, health etc, and pay by end of the week. And yes please also read the equipment part carefully because we are doing the advanced tour  45 to 75 km each day and it will be pretty cold.”

We are leaving this Saturday. Outside toilet, no electricity, no heating… no redwine and no sitting while sliding through the wilderness.  I am very 😜

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