3 minutes, a very special moment and life goes on – same same but somewhat different

I was on a business trip which per se isn´t anything special. As a matter of fact, I am on the road at least once a week, if not more often. Packing, flying, unpacking, meeting, talking, more talking, eating, drinking and sleeping in hotel rooms is part of the deal.

And because I do spend so much time away from home with business partners or colleagues – we could call them strangers as well in a way,  I try to create special and memorable moments. Moments I collect so to speak. Moments that make each and every trip a special one. All my life I pay special attention to my surrounding through seeing, smelling or tasting it. The last couple of years I try to master it without forcing myself to do so. It is more a state of mind to being open to let it in and embrace. Most of the time I do have these wonderful moments – they can be short as seconds –  on my own. But I noticed recently, that I started to enjoy special moments with strangers. Colleagues, business partners, people in the street or people in public transport. Which is even more magical, because this all happens without talking about it or planning it. Its when the moment is right 🙂

As I mentioned before -about 3 weeks ago  – I was on a business trip. We successfully mastered the first part and had to bridge the time till the second part would start a few hours later. Someone had the idea to change location and take a drink. So we started walking, a group of 12. We had to cross a little beautiful bended bridge. While walking over the bridge, me dragging my suitcase looking to the right. And what I saw was so beautiful, peaceful, calm, steady, authentic, charming and unexpected that I was positively flashed. I turned my head and looked at him, a man I met 3 hours before: “Is that a typical look, around here?” He answered, I continued: “You know, sometimes I feel like letting everything go to travel the world to be able to experience it more profound than just trespassing. There is so much beauty that needs to be explored. So much that wants to be seen, experienced and understood.” He looked right into my eyes and it was like we were the only ones on the bridge: ” You seem like a free lady. I do have 3 kids and they do go to university which I need to pay for,  I can´t go.” “I understand, maybe one day… and yes I am free, maybe to free for many…” “You may be right.” He saw what I saw and I could feel that he related to what I felt. 🙂 NICE.

We continued walking to catch up with all the others.

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