Nepal Part 3 / Let the Journey begin 

I can’t believe it. It has been a year since I last was in Nepal and now I am only 3:37 min flight time away from Kathmandu. Berlin – Istanbuhl- Kathmadu. Got up at 4 this morning  😒to start packing….. I was pretty much traveling for work the last two weeks and it felt like I was constantly packing and unpacking… Paris, Greece,Berlin, London, Berlin .. great and intresting 2 weeks bit it felt like all I ever do is driven to and from airports. Anyway today was packing time : 1 bagpack, small hand luggage, cameras, iPad, iPod, MacBook, 1 big Loversbag and a suitcase. A lot to carry got the kids and for our trekking tour. 

Over six month ago I started to plan this trip with the result.Actually I promised last year to come back àound October to pay the rest of the rent. We, my brother a friend and myself left Berlin around noon today. 

Drawing books, pens, heaters and 11 school bags…..
And of course Rabbit can’t be left at home..

What’s missing? School bags, a hair cutting machine and heaters….I enlarged the list a bit 🙂

I am very excited to meet all the kids and my Nepalese friends again after all that time. The fundraising appeal is kicking in which is great too. So may thanks for all people who contribute in donation or sharing the link.

I have to say that Turkish Airline has a very good service and the food was good as well.

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