Nepal Part 3 / Let the Journey beginĀ 

I can’t believe it. It has been a year since I last was in Nepal and now I am only 3:37 min flight time away from Kathmandu. Berlin – Istanbuhl- Kathmadu. Got up at 4 this morning  šŸ˜’to start packing….. I was pretty much traveling for work the last two weeks and it felt like…

The Promise / 18.000

“Will you write the story?” “Yes I will”. “18000 characters.” “That seems a lot but I will do it”. “By the end of the month? “Yes by the end of the month.” This Easter break is dedicated to 18000 characters.

Summer Palace / we are ready

On our way to the Summer residence of the Emperor. We espcially picked the only rainy and cold day to avoid all other 50.0000 visitors.