Sunday Afternoon/ Lichtenberg / I like my Hood 

And again we in Berlin are lucky with the weather. Unlike in other German cities we do have nice weather. After spending time on the balcony reading the news, day dreaming and drinking coffee I decided to take my bike, enjoy the weather and cycle around a bit. Actually I should be working on an article, but somehow I keep on finding excuses to not sit down and start it……. 

Not far away from where I life is a really nice park: Landschaftspark Herzberge. Tranquil and peaceful. Almost like a leftover from “good old times”.

I have to admit that the pond looks nicer on the photo. The water looked a bit dirty. But it was peaceful and I was the only person there. A good place to rest, read and relax:)
Guess this explains the water …..
It really looks like that.

It is really tough to find a space in the city without graffiti. 

On my way back I passed by Fahrgemrinschaft, the former Stasi Fleet Garage …. love it there: the mix of galleries, orginal buildings and small car repairs and creative business.
People say, Lichtenberg is still the way the “old”, the ” unspoiled” and “cool” Berlin… it seems to become more trendy and is developing so much for sure.

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