Size matters / Amazing Discovery / Collegiata S. Giovanni Battista

I decided to walk around and explore the neighbourhood a bit. The weather was beautiful and so was the church. I seriously had no idea what to expect when I entered…….

Hear say: In the year 1234 the first parts were built! Latest studies declare that the build started 1333 (gravestone news!).

Originally the church had 3 parts and a large dome and a single  corridor. The inside space counts 3 semicircular rooms that connect/melt in a virtual triangle at the sides. During the construction more rooms were added.

In 185 the church was compleaty knocked down which wasn’t very much appreciated by the people but necessary because it was destroyed but as we can see it was rebuilt. The church has famous sculptures and art works (Giulio Benso).


When I entered the church I was hit by its size and hights…. It was also super cold inside and I was the only visitor which created a slightly scary atmosphere.
Have to admid that I am not a big fan of artificial candels…..
Stunning inside!

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