Calm / peaceful and simply nice – lovely short break

After a lovely 1 1/2 train ride from Nice I arrived at Imperia. From their it is little under 30 min. by car  (25 km). A village with around 1.400 inhabitants (in 1861 approx. 4.360) who are actively (!) with a lot of passion participating  to make it a nice place to be: welcome to Pieve di Teco.

It’s a lovely little town with a big and small churches (8), a river, mountains and walking trails close by and many nice, friendly and open people. There is also a number of foreigners calling it their new home now.

Shops are closed during lunch time. Items ouside simply get coveed with a blanket.

The lady who runs the bakery is the only one who will run the traditional family business…..

The village impresses with its papermill and tannery plus all the culinary trade branches: cheese, wine and a special bread.

Appartment with a view and a great terasse.
“Just ” a small church not even 5 min away from the big one. … doors are open …
Fruits and vegetbables already ready: Italy ahead of Germany!!! :))


You can find the most amazing doors,,,,, this one with a cat entry ….

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