Let’s go Italy / Europe is great 

My friends invited me to spend the weekend with them in lovely Italy. They bought a 14th century  house in a 14th century village. Almost needless to say that needed to be explored, visited and embraced.The beauty of Europe is to get to most places without big hazzle and in a timely manner to be able to have great weekend trips. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Berlin/ Nice – easy yet: easy. Nice to Italy via train along the coast line: what can be nicer?

The woman sitting right next to me in the plane was very nice and we started talking. And talking and taking:  shared a cap to the train station and see up in the same train. I had get of earlier. We will meet again in Berlin 😏

3 times a day, eay, cheap and clean. Yes it took a boy of time for 53 km but 1 1/2 later I arrived my destination
It seesms that this is a picture we need to get used to over in Europe….
I got off the train in Imperia and my friends picked me up. The sun was shining, palmtrees and crazy driving as to be expected.

We went to Albenga a city with 24000 inhabitants, 35 hotels and a cathedral called San Michele Arcangelo.

Albenga has one of the most beautiful historic cities in Liguria. We had fantastic lunch and the walk through the city is eye candy everywhere you look at!! 

Fake windows 🙂


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