” I am joining a Cooking class.” ” Nice, what are you cooking?” “Salad!” ??

“Join us for another Cookhouse at Cecconi´s, this time focussing on perfect spring salads. Space is limited, so sign up quickly.”

Ok, sounds good and why not? My friends laughed at me: who actually needs a cooking class for salads?

Well it got even better: we a group of 4 didn’t need to do anything. We were sitting at the table while the Chef explained, cut, mixed and served. We learned about how to prepare great tasty and healthy salads, had nice wine and made some new friends. 

Ensure to always cut out the white bits from the organge to avoid having a bitter taste.
Place the fennel in ice water for an hour to create a cripy texture.
We had fun and I made some new frinds:)

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