Dim Sum in Berlin / Calm and Perfect for a Saturday afternoon 😉

One of my  most favorite places off all in Berlin is the Chén Ché Teehaus. When ever I can, I take a bite there. It became quickly a part of my Saturday afternoon routine and served as  a great stop over for my dog and me before we went back home again.👍🏽

Entrance and little garden in front of the restaurant.

It not just the tasty food that gets me, it’s design, the atmosphere and the love for detail. Every table has a nice little or big – deepening of table size – flower arrangement.

Food is reasonable in price, people are friendly, service quick and I am not a stranger anymore  – which is a nice feeling. 

The restaurant has a lovely outside area in the back and a small one in the front. I particularly like the sound of their birds. 


Tea with rice milk. This was the first time for me and have to say that it was very tasty, slighty sweet and rich.
Bitterlemon tea… as the word states a bit bitter….
The restaurant has two stories, but the upper part isnt always open.

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