Home Sweet Home / ” Hey, how are you?”

I was on a business trip in Frankfurt and decided to walk to my next meeting, which is possible, because Frankfurts city center isn’t that big. 

Walking down memory lane, dreaming,  passing by the area where I used to life many many moons ago, we bumped into each other. 

“Hi!” “Hi! BBB” ” The third B is long gone 😎. You are back in Frankfurt?” “Yes moved back a year ago.” ….. “I miss him!  – thinking how wired this is, because I was just thinking about him when she walked towards me …” Me too, he was my best male friend!!” “Mine too. Thinking about him everyday. He was such a smart, educated, interesting, special, eloquent and stylish man!” “Absolutely!” …. “I will be in Berlin for a party, you may want to join me?!” “Sure I will..”

Saturdays fleemarket was a must in the old days.
Eiserner Steg …
Römerberg – recustructed historical city center. ……..http://www.frankfurt-tourismus.de/Media/Attraktionen/Bauwerke/Roemerberg-Ostzeile ..

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