Beelitz! / Really you don’t know? No & Size matters

It actually started a week ago. “Great let’s cook together”. “Good idea. I bring asparagus and fresh potatoes.” “Sounds wonderful.”

The seasons just started and I love eating asparagus. For many years now. So I was thinking. And thinking. And came to a conclusion. All of the sudden it was obvious. Its time for an asparagus cooking pot.

“May I help you?” “Yes I think so. I would like to buy an asparagus cooking pot.”” That’s easy. And it’s a good time to do that.”  ” I totally agree. I am thinking about it for 10 years now. In 10 years I am over 60, how many more years was I thinking to wait? So are so right: I am ready.”….  I got a bit more equipment as well and was all prepared when my girlfriend came with: ” Look I got us Beelitzer asparagus!” πŸ‘

Me: πŸ™ƒ “what?” She could not  believe that I havn’t heard now seen the asparagus fields.

Seriously I had no clue that there are many fields outside Berlin and apparently the asparagus from that region is the best ./ and apparently many tourists do book bus trips to go and see the asparagus farms.

On the search for a farm … dead end … I love navigation systems
Now a week later I went on a little excursion to Beelitz to see it myself. Beelitz calls it self city of asparagus: – since 1861

15 farms grow in 1500 hectares the tasty vegetable.

It really looked like that and the air was fresh as well.
The beauty is that there are many farms and selling stations to get fresh asparagus. Super tasty. Many people do weekend trips
to the region: a little bit of walking, a little bit of buying and little bit of eating.

This was a “real” street! ?

Ostrich farm?

In the old days a field could be used foe 15 years. These days 7-8 years max. After that asparagus will not grow there anymore.

No doubt that this cake is selfmade :)asparagus, cake , brewed coffee and time stood still…..

The season ends 27.06.

FRISIER Salon! wow …….
The old part of town looks like time stood still. An hour drive from where I live. Not far after Potsdam and an absolutely different world.

Jumbo….. super tasty and – size matters πŸ™‚

I got asparagus for the next 4 days :))

To keep it fresh you need to wrap it in moist cloth in a plastic bag in gne fridge.

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