Gin, design and handmade ice cubes / Old meets New



A few weeks ago I took a business partner of mine to this exquisite location which is a must see if you are in Paris if you ask me. We had tapas in the open space bar and enjoyed the evening very much!

The Hotel is called Banke and it is located in the Opera neighborhood and about twenty minutes from the Louvre.

“Occupying the premises of a former bank headquarters and refurbished as a hotel in 2009, the Hotel Banke is housed in an early twentieth-century building, the work of architects Paul Friesé and Cassien Bernard. Its stately facade dominates the corner of Rue La Fayette and Rue Pillet Will with a style that revives the charms of Paris’s “Belle Époque“.

The  lobby is crowned with a glass cupola. The entire design is a blend of original architectural elements and contemporary design.


The bar is known of their Gin compositions.
All ice cubes get created on the spot on demand in a very elegant manner.

You talk, you smell, you dirscribe what you like ……

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