Happy Home / Excitement on all Levels / Quality Time

A day before we moved I wanted to create excitement and learn how the children feel about the new home.

“Let’s draw.” “Oh yes, but what sister?” ” How about your new home,  you or just simply happy faces?”

  It didn’t take 5 minutes to convince them. I really enjoyed the special time I was given to spend with them. Just sitting there watching how focused and playful this little session was, made me very happy. I am already back in Munich and I have to say that I miss them …..

Nu House


Happi from Karismai


The flag has a part of the new house and I am in there as well.


Toilet outside the house is now something they don’t need to worry anymore.

He loves writing and is really good at it too. And its obvious that he likes to draw as well.


He has a hreat talent in singing and dancing!


Rainbow roof :)👏🏼


Mountains,Sun, Moon and Nepalease 🇳🇵


Complex composition… I got captured as well.

Rabbit had a great time!!!


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