Restricted / Not for White People / Shiva Temple

It was my last day and we were doing some final shopping for the orphanage and for me of course. Who would not love spending money when you can do good at the same time? Spices, music instruments, cashmere…. Plenty of nice and good quality things. Now that I am writing this I will dedicate a special blog on shopping in Kathmandu 🙂

Anyway we were driving and on our way to the spiritual river Bagmati in Patupashinath. I wanted to go there again. 6 month ago since I was there last and it felt like I wanted to be closer to my sister again. On our way I saw something which l didn’t see before and wanted to explore.

“Of course we can stop but you are not allowed to go inside”. “Why?” ” don’t understand it myself and I don’t approve this.  You know it is not open for white people which is stupid because we are all the same, we all have the same blood!” “Don’t worry, I know that you would let me in. We can just walk in the park instead which we did.

its still pretty, just imagine how glorious this all must have been at one point in time.

Apparently the river is cleaner now 😦

It looked like this before the earthquake.


The temple is about 6 km east of Kathmandu. Some believe that this was already a holy place before Christ.
Pashupati-temple was built 5th century and renewed during  Malla-Dynasty. In the inside if the temple is a 1,80 meter high Shiva statue. Only priests are allowed to touch her. Thousands of Hindus celebrate the spring festival Shivaratri.

Unbelievanble peaceful and quiet. A place where people go to mediate I learned.




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